About Us

Welcome to The Communications Journal

The Communications Research Journal is a dedicated scholarly publication focused on the field of Media and Communications studies. As an authoritative source of research, this journal aims to contribute to the academic and professional understanding of media dynamics, communication theories, and practical applications in contemporary society.

Scope and Focus

The Communications Research Journal covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Media Theories and Practices: Exploration of fundamental and advanced theories in media studies, their evolution, and practical applications.
  • Digital Media and Technology: Examination of the impact of digital technologies on communication practices, media consumption, and content creation.
  • Journalism and News Production: Studies on the processes, ethics, and challenges of news production in various media environments.
  • Media Policy and Regulation: Analysis of media laws, policies, and regulatory frameworks that shape the media landscape.
  • Communication in Society: Insights into the role of media and communication in societal development, public opinion, and cultural exchange.
  • Advertising and Public Relations: Research on strategies, effectiveness, and societal impacts of advertising and public relations.
  • Media Literacy and Education: Exploration of educational strategies to enhance media literacy and critical thinking among audiences.


The journal aims to:

  1. Promote High-Quality Research: Encourage rigorous and innovative research that advances the understanding of media and communication.
  2. Foster Interdisciplinary Dialogue: Facilitate the exchange of ideas among scholars from diverse academic backgrounds and disciplines.
  3. Bridge Theory and Practice: Connect theoretical insights with practical applications to benefit both academia and industry.
  4. Encourage Critical Thinking: Provide a platform for critical analysis and discussions on contemporary issues in media and communications.
  5. Support Emerging Scholars: Offer a venue for new researchers and scholars to publish their work and contribute to the field.

Editorial Standards

The Communications Research Journal upholds high editorial standards, ensuring that all submissions undergo a thorough peer-review process. This process is designed to maintain the quality, relevance, and academic integrity of the published research.

Submission and Publication

The journal welcomes submissions from researchers, academics, and practitioners worldwide. Articles, research papers, case studies, and reviews are accepted, with a commitment to publishing diverse and impactful content. Authors are encouraged to adhere to the journal’s submission guidelines to facilitate the review and publication process.

Accessibility and Reach

To maximize its impact, The Communications Research Journal is committed to broad accessibility. It is available both in digital format only, ensuring that a wide audience of scholars, students, and professionals can benefit from its content.